CD review NAZARETH ‘Tattooed on My Brain’

(7/10) This album is a real curveball. The artwork shows the moniker Nazareth, but as soon as you press the button it sounds like another band. The thing is, that Nazareth’s sound is so much connected to the unique voice of Dan McCaffery. The fact that the iconic singer had to leave the band in 2014 for health reasons ends one era and maybe starts a new one. 

‘Tattooed on my Brain’ is Nazareth’s new longplayer and it’s the first one with singer Carl Sentance. The new singer got McCaffery’s blessing and he actually does a good job on the album. It’s just that things are different – for the good and the bad.

After having listened to the new Nazareth album several times I can say that ‘Tattooed on My Brain’ is a grooving hardrock album with uptempo rockers like ‘State of Emergency’ being real smashers. Also the other tracks are well-crafted and don’t show any form of weakness. ‘Push’ brings the blues right to your living room, while ‘Crazy Molly’ has a great rock spirit embedded. All good.

The only thing that’s missing is McCaffery’s hoarse and deep vocals that are/were such an important trademark of Nazareth’s sound. ‘Silent Symphony’, as on example, would have been perfect for McCafferty. Anyhow,  ‘Tattooed on My Brain’ is a good hardrock album, no doubt, but I have a hard time saying it is a Nazareth album. A little twist to the moniker maybe would have helped. This album leaves me behind with mixed feelings.





  1. Never Dance With The Devil
  2. Tattooed On My Brain
  3. State Of Emergency
  4. Rubik’s Romance
  5. Pole To Pole
  6. Push
  7. The Secret Is Out
  8. Don’t Throw Your Love Away
  9. Crazy Molly
  10. Silent Symphony
  11. What Goes Around
  12. Change
  13. You Call Me


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: October 12th, 2018

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