CD review EARTHLESS ‘From the West’

(8/10) If there would be an award for ‘Most live shows in one year’ I guess vintage rockers Earthless would be a more than a nominee. The guys have toured extensively in 2018 and what is more obvious than arranging some recording equipment and tape a show.

The moment this idea turned into reality was on March 1st this year when the trio played a show at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA. Half a year later the concert is available for everybody in a CD and digital format.

The release features seven songs with an enormous running time of more than an hour. Earthless is known for their inspiring retro rock. They are also known for creativity and extensive improvisation parts, which all comes back on this recording.

The centerpiece of the show was ‘Uluru Rock’ from the ‘From the Ashes’ album, which was extended by five minutes, leading to almost twenty minutes of exquisite classic rock that partly reminded me even of Pink Floyd. A song Earthless doesn’t play that often live is ‘Acid Crusher’. It was performed though in San Francisco and became a rather unique moment on this release.

Next to the well-chosen setlist and the great talent of improvisation, it’s the sound that gives an authentic impression although fans can’t be heard that much. However, this is more of a side note rather than a critical point. Earthless is an excellent band with a live approach that fits their understanding of music even better than what they deliver with their exquisite studio albums.





  1. Black Heaven
  2. Electric Flame
  3. Gifted by the Wind
  4. Uluru Rock
  5. Volt Rush
  6. Communication Breakdown
  7. Acid Crusher


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: October 19th, 2018

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