CD review HARDCORE SUPERSTAR ‘You Can’t Kill my Rock’n’Roll’

(8/10) The first thing you notice of an album is the artwork and maybe some first songs that have been revealed as videos. In the case of ‘You Can’t Kill My Rock’n’Roll’ it was more than just one single that has been unveiled, with ‘Have Mercy On Me’ being the first one. These forerunners already led to optimism amongst fans and were a great appetizer for more. 

The artwork draws some attention also. The drawing, kept in black & White, with smoking and drinking nuns actually visualizes the title in a great fashion but also differs a lot from the colorful covers of the predecessors, not to forget the reverted cross that’s rather new in this context..  

The opener ‘ADHD’ is a bit of a weird song. When I listened to the album for the first time, the track left me with some question marks. It’s a hectic song that reflects Hardcore Superstar, but not in the way I have expected it. After having listened to the tune several times I started to get used to it. The musical aspect of the opener, with its stressed impatience, reflects the ADHD title pretty well though.

After such a special way of opening an album it’s more of the typical Hardcore Superstar that’s reflected by the other 11 songs on ‘You Can’t Kill My Rock’n’Roll’. Hard rocking hymns like ‘My Sanctuary’ and the galloping ‘Bring the House Down’ are excellent sleaze rock tracks. It’s ‘The Other’ that comes with an uptempo approach while ‘Have Mercy on Me’ is a good vibe party rocker.

Three years after ‘HCSS” was unveiled, it is ‘’You Can’t Kill My Rock’n’Roll’ that brings back Gothenburg sleaze rock to the table. After the opener caused some confusion I still can conclude that Hardcore Superstar’s 11th album is a formidable one, comprising of sleaze rock anthem with edges and roughness. The rock’n’roll vibe is the glue that keeps these songs together, leading to a recommendable album.





  1. ADHD
  2. Electric Rider
  3. My Sanctuary
  4. Hit Me Where It Hurts
  6. The Others
  7. Have Mercy on Me
  8. Never Cared For Snobbery
  9. Baboon
  10. Bring the House Down
  11. Medicine Man
  12. Goodbye


Label: Gain Music

Genre: Sleaze Rock

Release Date EU: September 21st, 2018

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