CD review DREAM CHILD ‘Until Death Do We Meet Again’

(8/10) It’s not by conincidents that Dream Child sounds very much like ‘Dream Evil’. The moniker is inspired by the Dio album and “Dream Child’ was Goldy’s nickname from these days. So far so good, but let’s begin from start. Dream Child is a new metal formation that comprises of some scene veterans and like in the past also in the here and now it is Froniers Music that brings together some well-sounding names in metal.

This time it is no less than Craig Goldy, Simon Wright and Rudy Sarzo together with Wayne Findlay and Diego Valdez, being Dream Child. Being aware of the fact that Goldy was part of Dio’s legendary ‘Dream Evil’ record gives a first idea about where this thing is going to. The quintet resurrects the old Dio days, which is basically due to Goldy’s guitar play, but it’s also the voice of frontman Diego Valdez that reminds a lot of the legendary Ronnie James Dio.

I have some mixed feelings when it comes to ‘Until Death Do We Meet Again’. Each of the 12 songs is really close to the glorious days in the 80’s. On the other hand though I like this sound, which makes this longplayer to a sonic time machine.

The album starts with ‘Under the Wire’, a song that clearly shows the influences. I mentioned already Valdez excellent vocals, but it’s mainly Goldie’s guitar play that brings back a lot of memories. The song gets out of the boxes very well and is followed by a seven minutes tune entitled ‘You Can’t Take me Down’. After a calmer beginning the songs evolves to a heavy rolling piece of rock with an enormously pushing rhythm section. All this stands for a good start and the rest of the longplayer can keep the set standards.

If you take these first two songs and if you like bands like Rainbow and Dio, you can continue going on with this journey into the past. The two tracks give direction to what the rest of the album is about. After having listened to the album several times it’s the good songs that are more important that any crosslink and source of inspiration. The aim of the album was to reviltalize classic rock and metal and this target is hit with ‘Until Death Do We Meet Again’.





  1. Under The Wire
  2. You Can’t Take Me Down
  3. Games Of Shadows
  4. It Is What It Is
  5. Playin’ With Fire
  6. Light Of The Dark
  7. Midnight Song
  8. Until Death Do We Meet Again
  9. Washed Upon The Shore
  10. In A World So Cold
  11. Weird World
  12. One Step Beyond The Grave


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: September 14th, 2018


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