CD review AIRRACE ‘Untold Stories’

(7/10) Airrace is a UK-based rock outfit that was originally formed in 1982. The band that opened for Meat Loaf and the mighty Queen in the 80’s regrouped in 2009, a year that faced a re-release of the ‘Shaft of Light’ album and a show played at Firefest festival.

This year the band launches their new album ‘Untold Stories’, focusing on melodic rock that’s interesting for fans of bands like Foreigner, Styx and Loverboy.

The album starts with a piano that introduces ‘Running Out of Time’. After a while it’s a strong beat that shifts the tune toward a powerful rock songs. Melodies rule when it comes to Airrace. The album is based on catchiness and fortunately avoids real sticky sweetness. Tracks like ’Innocent’ and ‘New Skin’ have still enough rock power to not fade away into boring triviality. Furthermore it was ‘Love is Love’ that brought Foreigner to my mind and it’s the darker ‘Eyes Like Ice’ that reminded me of bands like Gotthard. I must say that the latter with its darker vibe marks a well-placed twist on the album before the bluesy ‘Different but the Same’ rocks pretty hard.

No doubt that such an album needs a ballad. If you have read some of my other reviews you know that I’m normally not the biggest fan of these kind of songs. This is mainly because many of these ballads follow a certain cookie-cutter approach and unfortunately things aren’t very exceptional with ‘Lost’ on this album. What I think works better are songs like ‘Summer Rain’ with its swinging mood. This light-hearted tune with some acoustic guitars is well-done and is far more attractive than a simple ballad.

To sum up. Airrace tells 11 stories on their newest album. If those are ‘untold’ is something I doubt. However, the band tells these eleven chapters in a passionate way that adds the necessary spirit from start to end. ‘Untold stories’ is entertaining – not more, but for sure also not less.





  1. Running Out Of Time
  2. Innocent
  3. Eyes Like Ice
  4. Different But the Same
  5. New Skin
  6. Lost
  7. Love Is Love
  8. Men from the Boys
  9. Summer Rain
  10. Come With Us
  11. Here It Comes


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: AOR

Release Date EU:  August 10th, 2018

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