Live report CANNIBAL CORPSE / ANATOMY OF I, Baroeg, Rotterdam – 01.08.2018

Not only that Cannibal Corpse still belongs to the hottest death metal band has seen, it was also the outside temperature on August 1st that was much more than only summerly. But let’s take it step by step. 

Florida-based death metal machine Cannibal Corpse is on tour in Europe this summer, playing some of the big festivals like Wacken and others. Inbetween the band planned a solid amount of club shows of which one took place at Baroeg in Rotterdam. The small venue was sold out rather quickly and when I arrived at the venue the outside thermometer showed 27 degrees celcius. Therefor it wasn’t a too big of a surprise that most metalheads enjoyed a beer outside the venue, refreshing themselves before going into a sauna with death metal sonication.

I don’t want to say that there was a need to ‚warm-up‘ fans that night, but still there was an opening act. Dutch death metal outfit Anatomy Of I got the slot for the Rotterdam show as well as for the Arnhem show later on in August. The band, that has one album out on the market, performed a 40 minutes set that was quite OK but not mind-blowing. The band, being the brainchild of frontman Michael Dorrian, didn’t get the best sound to start with. Everything sounded a bit muddy and I don’t know if it was a kind nervousness or stage fright that led to a distance between band and fans. Solid death metal, not the best sound and a weird ending (the band left the stage with an outro and nobody was really sure if this was just an interplay or the end of the show.), that’s what these 40 minutes have been about. 

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After a 50 minutes break it was up to death metal pioneers Cannibal Corpse to inflame a hellish metal inferno, and they delivered. From the first chords played up to the end ‚Corpsegrinder‘ and his gang navigated through a setlist that basically reflected the entire back-catalogue, including also ‚A Skull Full of Maggots‘ from the 1990 debut. 17 songs have been played that night and turned the Baroeg into a hellish madhouse with first moshpits starting with song number one. In the meantime temperature rose to more than 40 degrees Celsius inside with an estimated humidity of 100%. Hell can’t be much hotter than the Baroeg tonight. Cannibal Corpse belong to the spearhead of US death metal and the Baroeg show stated again why the veterans are icons in the fields of metal. 


  1. Code of the Slashers
  2. Only One Will Die
  3. Red Before Black
  4. Scourge of Iron
  5. Evisceration Plague
  6. Scavenger Consuming Death
  7. The Wretched Spawn
  8. Pounded Into Dust
  9. Kill or Become
  10. Gutted
  11. Corpus Delicti
  12. Devoured by Vermin
  13. A Skull Full of Maggots
  14. I Cum Blood
  15. Make Them Suffer
  16. Stripped, Raped and Strangled
  17. Hammer Smashed Face


Location: Baroeg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Date: August 1st, 2018

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