PRIMAL FEAR announces new album and tour dates for Europe

German metal veterans Primal Fear announced a new album entitled ‘Apocalypse’. The longplayer will be released on August 10th and is album number eleven of Ralf Scheepers, Mat Sinner and Co. .

Two songs have been unveiled already. HERE you can listen to ‘King of Madness’ and HERE comes ‘Hounds of Justice’.


  1. Apocalypse
  2. New Rise
  3. The Ritual
  4. King Of Madness
  5. Blood, Sweat, & Fear
  6. Supernova
  7. Hail To The Fear
  8. Hounds Of Justice
  9. The Beast
  10. Eye Of The Storm
  11. Cannonball
  12. Fight Against Evil (Bonus Track – Deluxe Version)
  13. Into The Fire (Bonus Track – Deluxe Version)
  14. My War Is Over (Bonus Track – Deluxe Version)


Last but not least the band will be on tour in fall this year and it’s no less than  US metal icons Riot being the very special guest on this tour.


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