CD review WE ARE SENTINELS ‘s/t’

(7/10) The first thing that catches your eye with We Are Sentinels is the name of Matt Barlow. The excellent singer, known from his time with Iced Earth and Pyramaze, teamed up with composer Jonah Weingarten. Both worked together on this eleven songs featuring album that is different than what you might expect.

A deeper look into the label info sheet unveils the fact that this release will not contain any guitars. While Matt Barlow takes over the vocal duties and it is Jonah Weingarten that contributes with keyboards, piano and orchestration. This give already an idea about what to expect.’ We Are Sentinels’ is not about metal and it’s actually not even about rock. The album is built on orchestral and symphonic sounds. I’m aware that some of you might stop reading here, but let me tell you that the album could be exciting even though you’re looking for powerchords.

This self-titled longplayer feels like a bombastic and symphonic soundtrack. There are dramatic and soulful moments weaved into each of the songs, making the album to an exciting experience for listeners. For sure it’s Barlow’s brilliant voice that enriches each of the tracks and a song you surely should listen to is the closer – ‘Holy Diver’. This re-arranged cover version of the Dio classic transfers the Dio-spirit one to one while also sounding totally different.

This album is an eleven legs journey through big soundscapes, all done very well and equipped with a brilliant sound, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen. If you get excited by some border-stretching sounds, than this album is what you should check out.





1. From My Tower
2. My Only Sin
3. Life, Death, Rebirth
4. Kingdom In Winter
5. Dreaming In Winter
6. Battle In Winter
7. In Memoriam
8. Sirens of Odysseus
9. Miracle
10. Soul On Fire
11. Holy Diver


Label: SOAL

Genre: Symphonic Orchestral Rock

Release Date EU: July 6th, 2018

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