CD review IMMORTAL ‘Northern Chaos Gods’

(9/10) Here it is, the highly anticipated new Immortal album. It is the first studio album in nine years, following the 2009 release ‘All Shall Fall’. In the meantime Immortal shrunk to a duo, consisting out of founding member Demonaz, who’s back again on guitar for the first time since 1997, and drummer Horgh. After Immortal and Abbath parted ways in 2015 the position of a bassplayer became vacant and it still is. For ‘Northern Chaos Gods’, so the title of the new longplayer, it was no less than producer Peter Tägtgren who added a rock solid groove to this new milestone in the band’s long history.

‘Northern Chaos Gods” is the ninth Immortal album and it features eight new songs. The album, doesn’t provide you with some intro or a simple way to get into this longplayer. From the first second on this longplayer is a sonic assault. The title starts a black metal blizzard you can’t escape from until the final note played fades away 42 minutes later. Already the first song of this album is more than just a black metal track. It’s a statement that Immortal is back, as brute and uncompromising as we’re used to.

‘Into Battle Ride’ is a merciless continuation of what began to unfold with ‘Northern Chaos Star’ before the heavily powering ‘Gates to Blashyrkh’ partly slows down things a bit. It’s hypnotic riffs opeing the gates into a gloomy and evil world of metal.

With all these great songs in mind it’s the closer “Mighty Ravendark’ that is the highlight on ‘Northern Chaos Gods’. An intro, kept a bit calmer than the rest, is the entry-door to a nine minutes epos in black. Mighty riffs and Demonaz awing vocals create a massive wall of sounds that includes all Immortal trademarks. 

‘Northern Chaos Gods‘ acts like a cold Northern storm that comes down from Scandinavia. Regardless of a hot European summer period, this album gives you the shivers from beginning to end. Being released a few days after midsommar, it’s ‘Northern Chaos Gods’ that carries gloom and is a musical harbringer of snow, ice and inhospitable darkness. This longplayer is one of the best ones so far in 2018.





  1. Northern Chaos Gods 
  2. Into Battle Ride
  3. Gates To Blashyrkh 
  4. Grim And Dark
  5. Called To Ice
  6. Where Mountains Rise
  7. Blacker Of Worlds 
  8. Mighty Ravendark 


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: July 6th, 2018

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