CD review HALCYON WAY ‘Bloody but Unbowed’

(6/10) The label sheet that came with Halcyon Ways’s new album ‘Bloody but Unbowed’ mentions Megadeth, Dream Theater, Testament and Chimaira as a source of inspiration for the five guys from Atlanta, Georgia. After having listened to the album several times I think that the mentioned comparison nails it pretty much and what could be seen as something very beneficial is actually a weakness of the album.

‘Bloody but Unbowed’ is Halcyon Way’s fourth full-length album and after having had two quite good first albums, things cooled down a bit with ‘Conquer’. Still being in the cluster of prog metal, progression became less and the trend continues with the new record. There is no doubt about the musical potential of the five-piece band, but songs on ‘Bloody but Unbowed’ aren’t reflecting this.

I have listened to the songs several times and I never really got into the album. Too much of the mentioned influences are combined in a way that the own identity and the common line is missing. It feels like the guys wanted to load the songs with as much as possible influences which gives the final result a scattered expression. There are too many loose ends with each of the songs, leading to a temptation to press the ‘skip’-button. Based on that there’s no song, that really stands out, a track you can remember. All of them are overloaded the same way.

To sum up. After having had two good releases, it looks like the band started a search for a new directions. This album is more about change rather than progression.





  1. Deevolutionize
  2. Bloody But Unbowed
  3. Blame
  4. Slaves to Silicon
  5. Super predator
  6. Ten Thousand Ways
  7. The Church of Me
  8. Cast Another Stone
  9. Crowned in Violence
  10. Burning the Summit
  11. Desolate


Label: Agonia Records

Genre: Modern Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: August 3rd, 2018





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