CD review ATROCITY ‘Okkult II’

(8/10) Atrocity belongs to the pioneers of German death metal. Formed in 1985 the band debut in 1989 with ‘Blue Blood’. Since then various releases followed. The band became known by a wider audience in the late 90’s when the ‘Werk 80’ album was revealed. The approach of taking 80’s and 90’s pop-/electro songs and turning them into harder metal tunes was received quite well and opened the band for a bigger fanbase than solely death metal fans.

2018 is the year of a new Atrocity album. It’s the successor of the 2013 album ‘Okkult’ and is simply entitled ‘Okkult II’. After some excursions with ‘Werk 80’ and ‘Werk 80 II’ Alex Krull and bandmates put traditional death metal into the forefront.

The opener is entitled ‘Masters of Darkness’ and it’s truly a dark number. A well-ctafted riff kicks of a song that gets out of the boxes pretty good. For a moment I wonder if I was listening to Atrocity or if I coincidently started a Satyriocn track. Riffing and some phrasing reminds of Norwgeian black metallists although death metal roots shine through. The song’s actually pretty cool, but as said, I was  surprised.

Compared to the opener the evil ‘Shadowtaker’ speaks a clear language. This death machine fires on all cylinders and brings back aggressive death metal with an oldschool vibe.

I also would like to highlight two other tracks on ‘Okkult II’. ‘Gates to Oblivion’ is one of the them. It’s a raging death metal track that feature  former Morgoth growler Marc Grewe. The tunes belongs to the highlights of the new album with its blasting sections, howling leads and some bombastic moments. All’s weaved together in a good fashion, showing how diverse death metal can be.

Next to ‘Gates to Oblivion’ there’s a second tracks with a guest singer. No less than LG Petrov (Entombed A.D.) contributes with some evil growls on ‘Devils Covenant’. It’s his performance that helps the evil expression of this hellish death metal songs. The choir passages in the chorus area counterpart to the brutal verse, both together leading to a blistering metal hymn.

‘Okkult II’ is a death metal release that’s based on oldschool sounds. However, it’t the bombastic moments that lifts this album out of the mass of releases these days. Death metal can be harsh and  brutal, but doens’t need to follow a cookie-cutter approach. That’s what Atricity proves with ‘Okkult II’.





  1. Master of Darkness
  2. Shadowtaker
  3. Bloodshed and Triumph
  4. Spell of Blood
  5. Menschenschlachthaus
  6. Gates to Oblivion (feat. Marc Grewe)
  7. Infernal Sabbath
  8. All Men Must Die
  9. Phantom Ghost
  10. Devil’s Covenant (feat. LG Petrov)
  11. The Golden Dawn


Label: Massacre

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: July 7th, 2018


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