CD review LADY CATMAN ‘Eyes Wide Open’

(8/10) Some of you might have heard of Lady Catman already but I assume that the most of you aren’t familiar with the name/band/project. Lady Catman is a project of guitarist, producer and songwriter Cathleen , known from her contribution to some Die Apokalyptischen Reiter records.

This time Lady Catman worked on a solo album, entitled ‘Eyes Wide Open’. The longplayer features eleven songs, all great melodic metal hymns that show a progressive approach. Blistering riffs, great solo parts and well-done leads are the main characteristics of al album that impresses by guest vocalists that contributed to this album.

One of the most exciting songs is the titled track. Not only that ‘Eyes Wide Open’ became a powerful metal tune. It’s the contribution of no least than Sanctuary/Nevermore frontman Warrel Dane who passed away far too early in December last year. Hearing Dane singing shows again the big loss the metal world had to face at the end of last year. Warrel Dane shares vocals though with Todd Michael Hall of Riot V and it’s Jeff Loomis (arch Enemy, ex- Nevermore) who contributed with a furious guitar solo.

Although the title track is the special goodie on this album it wouldn’t be fair to only limit it to this song. The album doesn’t contain any filler and it’s Henning Basse, Heli Reissenweber and Schmier, that also added vocals to some of the songs. Each of these tracks is an energizing moment in metal, in which a modern sound meets more traditional metal, performed by musicians that know what they are doing.

I wasn’t aware of Lady Catman earlier and I almost missed this release. It would have been a pity. To avoid a similar situation for you, I can fully recommend the album – for sure if you’re a Nevermore/Sanctuary fan.





  1. Intro
  2. Waiting For You (Vocals: Henning Basse)
  3.  Eyes Wide Open (Vocals: Warrel Dane / Todd M. Hall)
  4.  The Light (Vocals: Henning Basse)
  5.  Rondo
  6. Bauhaus (Vocals: Heli Reißenweber)
  7. I Can Fly (Vocals: Henning Basse)
  8. The Time (Vocals: Todd Michael Hall)
  9. Master of Illusion (Vocals: Schmier)
  10. Instrumental
  11. Secret of the Mountain (Vocals: Henning Basse)


Label: Weimar Recordings

Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Release Date EU: June 22nd, 2018

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