CD review LIZZY BORDEN ‘My Midnight Things’

(4/10) The first Lizzy Borden record that crossed my way was ‘The Murderess Metal Road Show’ release from 1986. It was the mix of metal, horror and rock’n’roll circus that caught the attention of an 18 year old and it was the sophomore studio album ‘Menace to Society’ that intensified the positive impression.

Metal lost a bit of steam in the 90’s and also Lizzy Borden had some tougher years with even some of those of Lizzy Borden not even exiting anymore. But in one or another way Lizzy Borden never gave up with a new next album that’s ready to be released. ‘My Midnight Things’ is the first album in 11 years, following the 2007 record ‘Appointment with Death’.

What could have been a great next return of one of the best melodic US metal bands became an album that’s shocking. The pretty exciting ‘Appointment With Death’ included already some hardrock-based songs like ‘Under Your Skin’. What, at that time, was perceived as an exception, elvolved to an entirely new approach of Lizzy Borden. ‘My Midnight Things’ has nothing to do with Lizzy Borden. This longplayer features ten boring rock songs with sticky sweet keyboards that are dominant with each of these tracks. Where are the thrilling riffs, the heavy guitars and the gloomy vibe that made Lizzy Borden’s power metal so exciting? Simply, they don’t exist.

I would love to give you at least some examples of good songs, but there aren’t any. From the title track, opening the album, to the all time low ‘We Belong to the Shadows’ things are trivial without any exception. It might be that a newcomer rock band would have got along with this album, but for sure not a metal icon like Lizzy Borden was in the past. ‘My Midnight Things’ should be covered in darkness.

‘My Midnight Things’ is the first real disappointment in 2018 and hopefully it’s not more than an inglorious sidestep. I need to listen now to ‘Menace to Society’, just to re-ensure myself that Lizzy Borden had times and days when they were real metal.





  1. My Midnight Things
  2. Obsessed with You
  3. Long May They Haunt Us
  4. The Scar Across My Heart
  5. A Stranger to Love
  6. The Perfect Poison
  7. Run Away with Me
  8. Our Love Is God
  9. My Midnight Things (Reprise)
  10. We Belong to the Shadows


Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: June 15th, 2018

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