Live report ROCK HARD FESTIVAL 2019 – Day 1

Whit weekend means Rock Hard Festival since 2004. The open air festival at Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen has kept its family spirit with many fans of Metal and Rock returning to Gelsenkirchen every year. Also Markus‘ Heavy Music Blog is present and here‘s the report of the great 2019 edition.  It is with Vulture a local act... Continue Reading →

CD review LIZZY BORDEN ‘My Midnight Things’

(4/10) The first Lizzy Borden record that crossed my way was ‘The Murderess Metal Road Show’ release from 1986. It was the mix of metal, horror and rock’n’roll circus that caught the attention of an 18 year old and it was the sophomore studio album ‘Menace to Society’ that intensified the positive impression. Metal lost... Continue Reading →

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