CD review BLEEDING THROUGH ‘Love Will Kill All’

(8/10) Bleeding Through is generally described as a metalcore band and in one or another way it’s right. Looking back into history shows a bunch of young guys, being influenced by hardcore and punk music, that started an own band – Bleeding Through. This was in 1999 and from beginning to now the five-piece band is more than solely metalcore. There is a solid portion of metal embedded in their music not seldom referring to melodic black metal outfits such as Dimmu Borgir.

Bleeding Through was away for some years. It was in 2014 when the band announced their final tour, which ended the first era of this quintet from Orange County, CA. Four years later the band’s back with Brandan Schiepatti being the only remaining founding member.

‘Love Will Kill all’ is the title of Bleeding Through’s newest album, the first one the band releases via Sharptone Records. Eleven songs made it on the tracklist and it’s an intro entitled ‘Darkness, a Feeling I know that kicks-things off. The album features the characteristic mélange of styles that makes this metalcore interpretation slightly different. Listening to tunes like ‘Dead Eyes’ unveils the wider approach with wide keyboard arrangements that reminds of symphonic Scandinavian black metal. These moments go hand in hand with raging metalcore riffs and it’s frontman Schiepatti that perfectly combines harsh growls and angry metalcore screams in a way that things go together extremely well.

To sum up: ‘Love Will Kill all’ is great since it continues with breaking a standard pattern. The addition of styles to a metalcore foundation sounds exiting. This album has the potential of reaching fans that normally don’t have their roots in metalcore and hardcore.





  1. Darkness, a Feeling I Know
  2. Fade Into the Ash
  3. End Us
  4. Cold World
  5. Dead Eyes
  6. Buried
  7. No Friends
  8. Set Me Free
  9. No One from Nowhere
  10. Remains
  11. Slave
  12. Life


Label: Sharptone Records

Genre: Metalcore

Release Date EU: May 25th, 2018

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