CD review TAD MOROSE ‘Chapter X’

(7/10) Bolinas metal veterans Tad Morose is a band that can look back on a long track record in music. The foundation of Tad Morose happened in 1991 and since then the metallurgists released nine longplayers, starting with the debut ‘Leaving the Past Behind’ in 1992. Since then the band is around, although it was a ten year hiatus between 2003 and 2013.

‘Revenant’ marked the return of the Bolinas gang and 2018 is the year of their tenth studio album. As logic might demand, the disc is simply entitled ‘Chapter X’ and comprises of quite some metal. No less than 14 songs have been placed on the tracklist, all standing for power metal the Swedish way.

After having recorded the album, by giving it the time needed, in 2017, the band also found a new musical home. GMR Music and the band inked a contract and ‘Chapter X’ is the first offer of this new cooperation.

‘Chapter X’ became a good album. Roaring riffs, pounding drums and a thumping bass is what this album is about. The heavy roots of Tad Morose are present throughout and it’s the wide vocal range of frontman Ronny Hemlin that enriches a well-crafted power metal record the Bolinas-way. Whatever you can expect of this album is what you get with this delivery.

The flipside of it is, that things are partly predictable. Although each of the songs is a well-done metal hymn it’s the ‘wow’-moments that are missing. It’s like with your favorite pizza. You like it, you know what you get and it’s the same experience as it was earlier. This doesn’t need to be something bad, but some additional pepperoni could have been a good thing to add.

‘Chaper X” is a good longplayer, no doubt. Even with the certain foreseeability, Tad Morose’s tenth album belongs to the better power metal releases and it’s the band’s passion and persistence that is striking.





  1. Apocalypse
  2. Come Morpheus
  3. Deprived of Light
  4. I Am Night
  5. Leviathan Rise
  6. Liar
  7. Masquerader
  8. Nemesis
  9. Salvage My Soul
  10. Slaves to the Dying Sun
  11. Turn to Dust
  12. Vaunt the Cynical
  13. Where Stars Align
  14. Yet Still You Preach


Label: GMR Music

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: June 15th , 2018


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