CD review WHEEL ‘The Divide’

(7/10) Wheel’s James Lascelles refers in the label info to Tool and their ‘Aenima’ album, both having an impact on him, working as a sixteen years old in a recording studio. If I should describe the sound of this Finnish outfit, you can hear some parallels with the mighty alternative prog band. Songs like ‘Please’ are inspired by Tool and also the way Lascelles, originally from the UK, phrases the songs reminds of Myanard James Keenan.

The new EP of UK/Finnish prog enthusiasts is entitled ‘The Divide’ and includes four songs. The mentioned ‘Peace’ is one of and it comes as a radio edit as well as in an album version. Two more songs are framed by these two versions. There is the soulful rocking ‘Pyre’, which an eight minutes prog anthem that sounds really good, followed ‘It’s Over Now’. The latter is a calm song that is mainly build on acoustic guitar and vocals. This song is fueled by bigger soundscapes, a great melody line and a melancholic atmosphere, all characterizing this song.

Wheel revealed with ‘The Divide’ a well-crafted next EP with songs that are well thought through. Prog fans and Tool passionistas should check out this release.





  1. Please (Radio Edit)
  2. Pyre
  3. It´s Over Now
  4. Please (Album Version)


Label: Umbrella Artist Productions

Genre: Prog Metal

Release Date EU: June 1st, 2018



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