CD review WHEEL ‘Preserved in Time’

Wheel pt.2 - in a way. Important is not to mix up Wheel from Germany with the Finnish prog metal band, sharing the same moniker. In this review we are talking about the quartet, hailing from Dortmund, Germany and instead of progressive metal sounds it's more the slo-mo doom riffs that break ground on 'Preserved... Continue Reading →

CD review WHEEL ‘Resident Human’

First important thing is that there are more bands called Wheel and at least two of them have a new album in the pipeline. There is Wheel from Germany, being very much into doom and epic metal while this review is about the newest achievement of Wheel, the UK/Finland collaboration. Wheel is the brainchild of... Continue Reading →

CD review WHEEL ‘The Divide’

(7/10) Wheel’s James Lascelles refers in the label info to Tool and their ‘Aenima’ album, both having an impact on him, working as a sixteen years old in a recording studio. If I should describe the sound of this Finnish outfit, you can hear some parallels with the mighty alternative prog band. Songs like ‘Please’... Continue Reading →

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