CD review DUEL ‘Live at the Electric Church’

(8/10) Duel is a band, hailing from Austin, Texas and that’s where this live release was recorded somewhere in time. The reason for mentioning it that way is, because no concrete date came to my ears. The show, done at The Electric Church, was a special one anyhow and I think not knowing the exact date supports creating a bit of a myth around this live recording.

The location seems to be an old abandoned Spanish church in the area of Austin, which was converted to a location where all kinds of artist and hippies follow their creative flow. One of these artists is the four guys of Duel who recorded six songs at this special place.

The band released to date two studio albums of which ‘Witchbanger’ from 2017 was the latest one. Interesting enough, this longplayer is solely present with two track (‘The Snake Queen’ and ‘Heart of the Sun’), while the rest was released on the debut. I don’t know why this was the chosen mix. It still fits into the myth of the album and since all six songs are pretty cool anyhow, it doesn’t matter from which record they are.

All six songs together reflect finest doom metal and stoner rock with heavily down-tuned guitars, gloomy vocal lines and a slow but hard-hitting beat. ’Live at the Electric Church’ is far away from any mainstream. It’s a special sound, recorded live at a special location. There is a spirit of mystique and independence connected to this release; a vibe that’s unbound and unleashed.

’Live at the Electric Church’ is an album you should listen to if you want to experience the freedom of gloomy stoner rock in a special environment. Good stuff.






  1. This Old Crow
  2. Electricity
  3. Snake Queen
  4. Heart of the Sun
  5. Fears of the Dead
  6. Locked Outside
  7. LTD Cover


Label: Heavy Psych

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: May 18th, 2018

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