CD review LIV SIN “Inverted’ (EP)

(8/10) Female-fronted powerhouse Liv Sin, successor of Sister Sin, added a new EP to their discography. The disc is entitled ‘Inverted’ and follows the debut ‘Follow Me’ from 2017. Three songs found a spot on the short tracklist of this mini album. These three tunes are the first output with a contribution of the entire band and showcase the quintet with a slightly different sound.

The EP was initially meant to become an acoustic release and in its essence it also where things ended up. However, ‘Inverted’ is more than solely acoustic record. It became a gently rocking release that puts Liv Jagrell’s excellent vocals  and acoustic guitars very much into the forefront.

Each of the three tracks is a soulful and slightly melancholic one.  This EP shows a different aspect of this powerful metal band and is a perfectly bridging the waiting time for the next longplayer.





  1. Devil’s Plaything
  2. Black Souls
  3. Killing Ourselves to Live


Label: Despotz Records

Genre: Acoustic Rock

Release Date EU: May 25th, 2018

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