CD review GRAVEYARD ‘Peace’

(8/10) One of last decade’s shooting stars in classic rock is Graveyard. The four Swedes began in 2006 and debut with a self-titled album the same year. It was Tee Pee Records and their great sense for new bands that led to the album number one. ‘Graveyard’ was the springboard for the band signing with Nuclear Blast a few years later and it’s the Swabian label that’s still Graveyard’s musical home base.

The quartet from Gothenburg released so far three albums via Nuclear Blast and the next one is waiting in line. The first thing that stands out with this record is the title. In times of constant turmoil it’s ‘Peace’ that was chosen to become the title of this new classic rock milestone and ‘Peace’ is definitely needed.

The start into the album couldn’t be better than what ‘It Ain’t Over Yet’ offers. It’s a fast rocking track that can be seen more as a statement. After having parted ways in 2016 the band came back together in 2017 and it’s literally not over yet. Listening to this song gives even the idea of ‘things just started’. ‘A Sign of Peace’ takes partly the same road as the opener does, just a bit less intense than the glorious start. Regardless of these tunes it the album in its entirety that increased heaviness.

Next to these heavy rocking tracks there’s with “See the Day’ a calm and soulful moment halfway, followed by the heavily grooving guitars of ‘Please Don’t’. The second moment of peace of mind is ‘Del Manic’, but compared to ‘See the Day’ things are gloomier with the latter. A certain psychedelic touch is added to ‘Del Manic’, partly expressed already by the title itself.

Compared ‘Del Manic’ the next track, ‘Bird of Paradise’, feels like a light-hearted rock songs that still includes enough emotional depth to be touching. ‘Peace’ isn’t an extremely long album. Ten songs and 42 minutes is what you can expect, which also means that things come closer to an end. ‘Low (I Wouldn’t Mind’) is the final song of the album and it sounds like a summary of all you’ve heard before. The rocking element are mainly present and it’s the calmer middle section with Hammond that adds excitement to the mix.

The classic rock hype might became a bit less over the last few months and a sorting the wheat from the chaff takes place. Graveyard from Gothenburg doesn’t care too much about this and they shouldn’t. Their music has enough substance to be timeless and detached from any trend. ‘Peace’ is an awesome return of great contemporary classic rock band and I couldn’t imagine anything else than that they came back to stay.





  1. It Ain’t Over Yet
  2. Cold Love
  3. See the Day
  4. Please Don’t
  5. The Fox
  6. Walk On
  7. Del Manic
  8. Bird of Paradise
  9. A Sign of Peace
  10. Low (I Wouldn’t Mind)


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date EU: May 25th, 2018

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