CD review CONCEPTION 'State of Deception'

The new longplayer is the first studio album in two decades and features nine songs. Multi-layered sounds and a generally dark vibe are the main features of an album that shows Conception in good shape and form. It feels like the guys wanted to make this album to become real. Musical freedom and love to detail is what each of the songs reflects, being the main pillars for a cinematic sound architecture that sketches bigger soundscapes. 'State of Deception' is an album that spreads joy and entertainment by layered songs that balance musical savvy and a greats sense for melodies. Details will be unveiled along the way while the melodies catch the listener's attention right away. Well done welcome back Conception.

CONCEPTION album details

Norwegian hard rockers Conception announce a next album entitled 'State of Deception'. Release date is April 3rd and the album comes through Conception Sound Factory. The record will feature a 9 songs tracklist that looks like this: In DeceptionOf Raven And PigsWaywardly BrokenNo RewindThe MansionBy The BluesAnybody Out ThereShe Dragoon Feather Moves (remastered)

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