CD review ONKEL TOM ‘Bier Ernst’

(8/10) Next to his thrash powerhouse Sodom, Tom Angelripper also spends quite some time with Onkel Tom. Tom Angelripper's solo outlet differs a lot from Sodom, but still fits perfectly into the musical spectrum of the German metal legend. Songs are kept in German and also 'Bier Ernst' doesn't change things. The newest album is... Continue Reading →

CD review BETONTOD ‘Vamos!’

(7/10) One year after having released the very successful ‘Revolution’ album, German punk rocker Betontod launched their newest album ‘Vamos!’ a few weeks ago. The story of Betontod is a successful one. The band from Reinberg, Germany started in the early 90’s and after having published some demos it was the ‘Hier kommt Aerger’ album... Continue Reading →

Massive hardcore from THE GREAT LIE

The Great Lie is a hardcore band, hailing from Long Island, NY. The five-piece consists out of Gerry Giacalone, John LaFata, Scott Martin, Kerry Merkle and Mike Scarola. These five guys recorded and released a five track EP that was unveiled earlier this summer. 'All Roads Lead to Where You Stand' features five raging hardcore... Continue Reading →

BETONTOD put a new video online

'La Familia' is the title of German Betontod's new single, taken from the upcoming 'Vamos!' album. 'Vamos!' will be released on August 31st. The first edition of 'Vamos!' also includes a second CD with German songs from the 70's, mostly German Schlager, transferred into a solid rock and punk appeal.   Tracklist: CD »Vamos!«  01. Para... Continue Reading →

CD review UNHERZ ‘Fuer immer’

(7/10) German rock outfit Unherz is around since almost ten years, a decade that included 6 longplayers and new one being in the starting blocks. ‘Fuer immer’ is the seventh longplayer and follows the 2017 release ‘Das Volk stellt die Leichen’, which could score a chart entry in the German longplayer charts. Eleven new songs... Continue Reading →

CD review MADBALL ‘For the Cause’

(9/10) There aren’t that many hardcore bands that are part of Nuclear Blast’s portfolio and one of them is New York veterans Madball.  The band began in the late 80’s as a side project of the legendary Agnostic Front. Madball grew slowly but steady. The guys played for many years some smaller regional venues, a... Continue Reading →

CD review SPINE ‘Faith’

(7/10) Kansas City-based Spine has a new album in the pipeline, being released mid-June via Birdge 9. ‘Faith’ is the band’s second delivery and features nine new songs. The label info talks about a “full-length album” but I have to say that with 19 minutes running time we can more talk about an EP rather... Continue Reading →

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