CD review RIOT CITY ‘Burn the Night’

(8/10) When I received this album my first thought was: "Why do I get Triumph's 'Surveillance' album?" Things straightened out rather quickly since the sender of this album is not Triumph but a band called Riot City and although the artwork reminds a lot of the classical Triumph release this record contains totally different music.... Continue Reading →

HEIR APPARENT unveils a new song

The eagerly awaited next Heir Apparent album is just a few glimpse away from being released. The legendary band from Seattle has only two albums on their track record, but it is these two longplayers that contain excellent progressive metal. 'Graceful Inheritance' as well as ' One Small Voice' are milestones and the third album,... Continue Reading →

New HEIR APPARENT album in October

HERE comes a first teaser for the upcoming Heir Apparent album 'View From Below', which will be released on October 15th via No Remorse Records. Stay tuned for more. Tracklist: 1. Man in the Sky 2. The Door 3. Here We Aren't 4. Synthetic Lies 5. Savior 6. Further and Farther 7. The Road to... Continue Reading →

CD review LORD VIGO ‘Six Must Die’

(8/10) After having released two excellent records, spread out over the last years, expectations were pretty high when it comes to „Six Must Die“. Already at this early stage of this review I can tell you that Lord Vigo doesn't disappoint doom metal supporters and fans. Mighty doom riffs hit you already with „Doom Shall Rise“. Nomen et... Continue Reading →

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