CD review THE DIRTY DENIMS ‘Ready, Steady, Go’

'Ready, Steady Go' is a tight rock'n'roll album that is a blast from start to finish. It's not that The Dirty Denims is turning the rock world upside down. It's rather the passion for a good riff and an easy groove that drives the album and makes the music a great summer soundtrack. Open a beer, lean back, press 'Start' and have a good time, life's not more complicated than that.


Was it so far just one day, metal fans in The Netherlands can enjoy a 2-days Dynamo Metalfest this year. The DMF team added with Friday, July 19 another day of metal and what's exciting news too is the line-up. Arch Enemy, Carcass and Soulfly are just some of the confirmed bands to date and... Continue Reading →

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