ISOLATION Festival – in times of isolation the festival comes to you

Century Media Records, in cooperation with EMP, proudly present the ISOLATION FESTIVAL. The Century Media ISOLATION FESTIVAL is a free online festival that will be hosted on Century Media’s YouTube channel on May 14th, 2020. The stream will begin at 8pm CET / 2pm EST / 11am PST and is going to be online for 24 hours.

Even though there is no way to fully replace a real live experience, Century Media and EMP would like to bring at least a kind of similar festival atmosphere in everyone’s living room. Therefore, the label is happy to host the ISOLATION FESTIVAL together with thirteen Century Media Records artists from all over the world, who recorded and filmed exclusive sets to premiere during the event!

The festival will be broadcasted on the official Century Media YouTube Channel.

The following bands will participate in this festival:

  • Angelus Apatrida (Spain, Thrash Metal)
  • Baest (Denmark, Death Metal)
  • Bonded (Germany, Thrash Metal)
  • Borknagar (Norway, Avantgarde Black Metal)
  • Dead Lord (Sweden, Hard Rock)
  • Deserted Fear (Germany, Death Metal)
  • Hideous Divinity (Italy, Death Metal)
  • Insomnium (Finland, Melodic Death Metal)
  • Lucifer (Sweden, Heavy Rock)
  • Omnium Gatherum (Finland, Melodic Death Metal)
  • Svart Crown (France, Death/Black Metal)
  • The Offering (USA, Progressive Metal)
  • Voivod (Canada, Progressive Sci-Fi Metal)

Click HERE to see this event!

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