CD review RAMMSTEIN “Rammstein’

(7/10) There’s always a lot of buzz the moment a new Rammstein album is announced and since ‘Liebe ist für alle da’ was released 10 years ago the level of excitement was even higher than usual. For many years it wasn’t a given that there will be another Rammstein album at all and now it’s ‘Rammstein’ that breaks the silence.

Already the first single ‘DEUTSCHLAND’ created media attention the band aimed for. A well-dosed level of provocation is one of the main pillars of Rammstein and it comes back in the song too. The things is, that Rammstein lyrics can be interpreted very widely, which is the mean to create provocation for certain topics. However, the single, also opener of the album belongs to the musical highlights of this new record.

Besides all the hype about lyrics it’s basically the music that counts and always played an important role in Rammstein’s career also. Being a pioneer when it comes the the Neue Deutsche Härte, the Berlin-rooted band created their own sound which the evolved and sparked over time.’Herzeleid’ was a musical revolution that found its peak with ‘Sehnsucht’ and ‘Mutter’. This trilogy of albums belong to the timeless milestones in music and are the best Rammstein ever brought up to surface.

‘Reise, Reise’ was another well-done album before things became a bit repetitive. It’s like with a good joke, that doesn’t get better the more often it’s told. Everyone knows, what to expect, the band delivers and everybody’s happy.

So far, so good and ‘Rammstein’ delivers to this expetation. It reflects Rammstein, it reflects the typical Rammstein-elements and it also tries to create provocation. The flip-side is that it’s this continuity that makes Rammstein also predictable, which is the fundamental difference to the early days. Songs on ‘Rammstein’ sound like being done on the drawing board and what’s missing is this weird unpredictability. The guys use their success formula, slightly adjust it and deliver and album that’s the same only different. Most of the tunes on this album is what we heard in the past in a better. Listen to ‘ZEIG DICH’ and you know what I mean.

Rammstein album’s often led to an emotional reaction – good or bad. ‘Rammstein’ is different since songs like The Kraftwerk-inspired ‘RADIO’ and the average ‘WEIT WEG’ are like an endless flow of a river with one exception.

‘PUPPE’ is for sure a highlight on this album and for once Rammstein can unleash this provocative scary the guys are known for. The song starts slow and calm, still with the typical oppressing vibe many Rammstein songs embed. You know right away that this story doesn’t come to a happy end. What’s really cool with ‘PUPPE’ is the twist the songs takes half way. It’s like tranquilizers stopped working and brings the extreme to forefront. The way Lindemann hysterical screams out the vocals is an emotional outburst that is jaw-dropping good. Compared to such a milestone, songs like ‘RADIO’ are dull moments. More track like ‘PUPPE’ would have spiced-up ‘Rammstein’ a lot.

To sum up, ‘Rammstein’ delivers, ‘Rammstein’ doesn’t exceed expectations, ‘Rammstein’ plays safe, ‘Rammstein’ is good and ‘Rammstein’ can’t compete with any of the great classic the band released earlier. The first disappointment this year.



  2. RADIO
  5. SEX
  6. PUPPE
  10. TATTOO

Label: Universal Music

Genre: Industrial/Elektro/Metal

Release Date EU: May 17th, 2019



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