CD review JORDAN RUDESS ‘Wired for Madness’

(9/10) Keyboarder Jordan Rudess is well-known from all his years with prog metal pioneers Dream Theater. It was in 1999 when he joined the quintet from New York. What’s less known is that the master of the keys also release many solo albums with ‘Listen’ being one of them.

Rudess is a restless mind when it comes to music. Next to all the Dream Theater activities, with a new album that was published a few weeks ago, the extremely talented keyboarder worked on his next solo album. The title of Rudess new longplayer is ‘Wired for Madness’ and it is the first one for the Mascot Label Group. Supported by guests and friends the keyboard wizard created a next masterpiece that features a musical kaleidoscope of sounds.

His Dream Theater mates James LaBrie and John Petrucci are part of this album as well as Rod Morgenstein, Marco Minnemann and Elijah Wood. Extra riff power comes from Vinnie Moore while it’s no less than Joe Bonamassa who adds the Blues to ‘Wired for Madness’.

It goes without saying that the album is based on Rudess’ excellent keyboard play, but it’s also far more than solely a record for keyboard nerds. This album features compositions of which the title track is the centerpiece. Although placed at the beginning of the track listing, the two seamlessly fusing two parts of ‘Wired for Madness’ includes everything you can expect from a virtuoso like Jordan Rudess. Based on great melodies and equipped with catchy hooks, the progressive masterpiece includes some many twists and tweaks that it’s a mission impossible to dismantle this musical highlight. The best thing to explore all the features of this 35 minutes song is to take the headphones, press ‘Start’ and dive into a world of sounds and melodies.

Next to such an impressive start it’s the entire album that shines. Another example for such a moment is entitled ‘Just Can’t Wait’ and is placed in the second half of this longplayer. Together with guitar wizard Joe Bonamassa, Rudess unveils his passion for Blues, supported by a brass section that act as the icing on the cake.

‘Wired for Madness’ became an excellent musical journey. It’s an exploration through various genres, combined to a musical milestone that shows the entire beauty of creativity meeting musical savvy and ability. ‘Wired for Madness’, that’s superb entertainment that spreads its beauty for a long time.



  1. Wired for Madness – Part 1
  2. Wired for Madness – Part 2
  3. Off the Ground
  4. Drop Twist
  5. Perpetual Shine
  6. Just Can’t Win
  7. Just for Today
  8. Why I Dream

 Label: Mascot Label Group

Genre: Progressive Metal

Release Date EU: April 19th, 2019



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