CD review TESLA ‘Shock’

(9/10) US rock giants Tesla will ‘shock the world’ on March 8th. It’s the release date of their newest delivery ‘Shock’, which is actually less of a shock and more of a pleasure. The longplayer delivers to high expectations and showcases again why the band drives on the road of success since they premiered with ‘Mechanical Resonance’. Even a four year pitstop/hiatus, couldn’t slow down the quintet that returned to the scene in 2000 with full force.

One of the success factors of Tesla’s growth is the stable line-up. Frank Hannon, Jeff Keith, Troy Luccketta and Brian Wheat are the core of Tesla since the mid ‘80s and it’s Dave Rude that brings a extra riff-power to the table.

Besides this consistency it’s the distinctive vocals of frontman Jeff Keith that are a key ingredient of Tesla. It’s his voice that gives you an immediate idea of listening to the guys from Sacramento, California and it’s the new longplayer that benefits of it too.

Tesla is known for great records but they aren’t the band that follows a 12 months release sequence. Tesla longplayers take time and it took 4 years to get ‘Shock’ into the starting blocks.

The quintet knows how to rock and the guys don’t loose any time to prove it. ‘You Won’t That Me Alive’ is the opener and doesn’t take a long time to like this album. The groove catches your attention right away and it’s the chorus that invites to join in singing. The soulful moments are as good as the rocking anthems. ‘We Can Rule the World’ us a such a calmer moment, with big sounds a lot of feel. Ballade-like needs to sound like this hymn.

The very rhythm-based titled track is another highlight on the album and it’s the light-hearted swinging ‘California Summer Songs’ that offers some acoustic sun-rays and good vibe. ‘Shock’ is the album that adds Californian colours to these grey winter days.

One wish of the reviewer at the end of this post. It would be great to see Tesla back on stages in Europe. The guys cross the Atlantic not too often and listening to the new material in a live setup would be a great experience for fans on this side of the ocean.



  1. You Won’t Take Me Alive
  2. Taste Like
  3. We Can Rule the World
  4. Shock
  5. Love Is a Fire
  6. California Summer Song
  7. Forever Loving You
  8. The Mission
  9. Tied To the Tracks
  10. Afterlife
  11. I Want Everything
  12. Comfort Zone

Label: Universal Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: March 8th, 2019



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