CD review TORA TORA “Bastards of Beale’

(7/10) US-based hard rockers Tora Tora is another ‘80s rock outfit that’s back in business and signed by Frontiers Records. The discography of the band, hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, is overseeable with the debut ‘Surprise! Attack!’ being the most successful one out of two. The sophomore record was entitled ‘Wild America’ and a third album didn’t make it to the record stores at the time.

After the bands return in 2008, records with unreleased tracks have been published and it took until 2019 that a third longplayer with new songs gets out of the blocks. “Bastards of Beale’ is the title of Tora Tora’s new record, a delivery that includes eleven new songs and a summerly rock’n’roll vibe. Tracks like the bluesy ‘Son of a Prodigal Son’, the well-rocking ‘All Good Things’ and excellent ‘Rose of Jericho’ are a treat for your ears and very solid rock music.

Tora Tora doesn’t revolutionizes rock music. It’s more that the guys pick up the ‘80’s rock spirit and transfer it right into the here and now. The way they approach it is a pretty good one, since the guys deliver entertainment from start to end. ‘Bastards of Beale’ is a positive surprise and is better than expected.



  1. Sons of Zebedee
  2. Giants Fall
  3. Everbright
  4. Silence the Sirens
  5. Son of a Prodigal Son
  6. Lights up The River
  7. Let Us Be One
  8. All Good Things
  9. Rose Of Jericho
  10. Vertigo
  11. Bastards of Beale

Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: February 22nd, 2019



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