CD review MARK MORTON ‘Anesthetic’

(9/10) ‘Anesthetic’ isn’t an album that was done overnight with Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton gathering ideas and creative thoughts for many moons. Being inspired by many different styles and genres,  Morton‘s debut is a kaleidoscope of music and genres. The record features thrash metal as well as it includes alternative sounds and typical rock songs. It’s the guitarist that keeps things together and secures a common thread, while the various singers help to safeguard a musical diversity.

The album starts with a song that drove extra attention to Morton‘s debut. ‚Cross Off‘ features vocals by Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington (R.I.P.) and is a post-mortem release that shows why the iconic frontman belongs to the best singer modern metal ever brought up to surface. It’s a very special moment on “Anesthetics’.

Songs that describe the width of sounds are ‚Axis‘, ‚The Never‘ and ‚Save Defiance‘. The first one is a cool rocker that reminds of Everlast, done by Screaming Tree‘s Mark Langegan. ‚The Never‘, as a musical contrast, is a merciless thrasher, fronted by Chuck Billy and Jake Oni. Last but not least it is Myles Kennedy that enriches ‚Save Defiance‘ with his great rock‘n‘roll voice, shifting the sound towards alternative metal a la Tremonti.

Furthermore there‘s ‚Reveal‘, with Naeemah Maddox on vocal duty, a swinging rock song that adds a new aspect to ‚Anesthetic‘. The closer ‘Truth is Dead’ comes far too early. Lamb Of God bandmate Randy Blythe shares vocals with Alissia White-Gluz, with her mainly adding clean vocals to the mix. The song’s a dynamic closer, equipped with a modern sound and catchy chorus.

‚Anesthetic‘ is the opposite of a musical sleeping pill. It became an exciting debut that shows Morton‘s ability of writing songs that bridges genres. The frame work of this album is kept widely and that‘s the beauty with it.



  1. Cross Off (feat. Chester Bennington)
  2. Sworn Apart (feat. Jacoby Shaddix)
  3. Axis (feat. Mark Lanegan)
  4. The Never (feat. Chuck Billy + Jake Oni)
  5. Save Defiance (feat. Myles Kennedy)
  6. Blur (feat. Mark Morales)
  7. Back From The Dead (feat. Josh Todd)
  8. Reveal (feat. Naeemah Maddox)
  9. Imaginary Days
  10. The Truth Is Dead (feat. Randy Blythe + Alissa White-Gluz)

Label: Spinefarm Records

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: March 1st, 2019



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