CD review DEVIL MASTER ‘Satan Spits on the Children of Light’

(9/10) The standard pattern for artwork of black metal releases includes a lot of black and white plus a moniker that can’t be read due to a very unique typeface. A band that breaks this pattern is Devil Master from Philadelphia.

The six-piece outfit released already a demo and an EP, entitled ‘Inhabit the Corpse’. Now it’s time for full-length debut and here it is. ‘Satan Spits on the Children of Light’ comes with 13 songs, all spot-on without any unnecessary frills.

The first things that stands out with this album is the unusual and colorful artwork. It makes you think of a psychedelic rock album. The sinister piano in the beginning of this release raises some first doubts before ‘Nightmares of the Human Collapse’ unveils the full black metal beauty.

Devil master’s sound is build on more than one influencing genre. Black metal, punk, and hardcore are musical styles that come together on ‘Satan Spits on the Children of Light’. Songs like the massive ‘Black Flame Candle’ and ‘Christ’s Last Hiss’ reflect all the influences and spread their blackened spirit.

‘Satan Spits on the Children of Light’ is an album that doesn’t nurture oneself by the stereotypes of black metal. It has a wider and evil approach. Various genres are boiled down to their essence which leads to something new and exciting. Good stuff from the abyss.



  1. Listen, Sweet, Demons…
  2. Nightmares in the Human Collapse
  3. Black Flame Candle
  4. Devil is Your Master
  5. Christ’s Last Hiss
  6. Skeleton Hand
  7. Nuit
  8. Gaunt Immortality
  9. Desperate Shadow
  10. Her Thirsty Whip
  11. Dance of Fullmoon Specter
  12. Webs of Sorrow
  13. XIII

Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: March 1st, 2019



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