CD review BEAST IN BLACK ‘From Hell With Love’

(7/10) Well, it’s this kind of releases that are a curveball for reviewers. What to say about Beast In Black’s second strike? The band, started by former Battle Beast member Anton Kabanen, released a debut in 2017, which is now accompanied by the sophomore release ‘From Hell With Love’.

Actually not that much changed within the last 15 months. Beast In Black, that’s again very melodic metal, build on a lot of keyboard power. It’s almost as if Sabaton, Poison and ABBA would have teamed-up to create some common music.

The album starts rather heavy compared to some other tracks on the album. ‘Cry Out For a Hero’ is fast, riff-focused and straight to the point. The song stands for well-crafted melodic metal with singer Yannis Papadopoulos doing a great job. Keyboards act more as a foundation for the opener, something that changes dramatically with the title track. Things get very sweet and sticky, although it’s hard to not be fascinated by these hooks.

The title track is more the rule than the exception when it comes to ‘From Hell With Love’. The approach of merging sugared melodies with catchy vocal lines and heavier guitars is the pattern most songs are built on. Things culminate with ‘Die By the Blade’. Looking on the sticky sound of this tune it should by more ‘Die by the Overload of Sugar’ rather than by ‘the blade’. However, it’s also difficult to escape from this melodic smasher since the melodies catch you right away.

‘Oceandeep’ serves for the need of a commercial ballad and ‘True Believer’ sounds like the heavier remake of an ‘80s pop anthem. With ‘No Surrender’ there’s finally a song that picks up the heavier vibe from the opener and the thought of the reviewer was that more of these moments would have been a good thing. Beast In Black definitely shows some potential, but why is this be hidden under sticky surface of melted sugar.

All in all: good start, good closing and a lot of gooey keyboards in between.



  1. Cry Out For A Hero
  2. From Hell With Love
  3. Sweet True Lies
  4. Repentless
  5. Die By The Blade
  6. Oceandeep
  7. Unlimited Sin
  8. True Believer
  9. This Is War
  10. Heart of Steel
  11. No Surrender

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Pop Metal

Release Date EU: February 8th, 2019



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