CD review SUNK ANANSIE ’25Live@25′

(*/10) Skunk Anansie is a role model when it comes to individualism, willpower and eagerness to live their own dream. The British rock band began in early February 1994, the starting point of a very impressive career.

The very interesting thing with Skunk Anansie is the fact that their music, brilliant stuff by the way, was different compared to what was the hype in the ‘90s. Brit Pop as well as Grunge gained momentum at the time and although Skunk Anansie was partly put into the box of Brit Pop they weren’t and they aren’t

Skin, Martin ‘Ace’ Kent, Richard ‘Cass’ Lewis and Mark Richardson followed an own path and the first leg of this journey was the ‘Paranoid & Sunburnt’ album from 1995. Instead of having a slow start, the album went right into the charts, peaking at number eight in the UK. Instead of feeling a heavy weight on their shoulders Skunk Anansie started to work on their sophomore album ‘Stoosh’. It was unveiled in 1996 and helped to establish the quartet even stronger.

The four-piece powerhouse of rock was an unstoppable musical force and it was ‘Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good’) that became the hymn of Skunk Anansie and was the final breakthrough for the quartet. Right at the first peak, band members decided to part ways in 2001, focusing on solo projects and solo career.

After such a break the band returned in 2010 with their fourth album ‘Wanderlustre’, followed by two more great rock longplayers.

Almost to the day 25 years after having officially founded the band, the quartet release a compilation album entitled ‘25LIVE@25’, celebrating the excellent music together with their fans. The album features an extensive tracklist that covers all the phases of this remarkable band. The common thread of this album is the unique voice and vocals by front woman Skin, which is, thogether with the typical Skunk Anansie sound, one of the key features of this band. Based on their individuality and non-conformity, the quartet managed to establish an own sound that can be immediately connected to the four-piece, something not many bands can achieve and this compilation documents the uniqueness in great fashion.

‘25LIVE@25’ is a live album that doesn’t only reflect or cover one show. It’s a collection that contains songs, recorded at different times and in different places throughout the last 25 years. This album is a well-done summary of an impressive career, features great (live) music and it is partly a kind of throwback, bringing good old memories up to surface, at least for the ones of you that are older than 40 😉



1. Charlie Big Potato
2. Intellectualise My Blackness
3. Because Of You
4. I Can Dream
5. Charity
6. My Love Will Fall
7. Death To The Lovers
8. Twisted
9. My Ugly Boy
10. Weak
11. Hedonism
12. I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero
13. Love Someone Else
14. This Is Not A Game
15. God Only Loves You
16. (Can’t Get By) Without You
17. Secretly
18. Over The Love
19. Spit You Out
20. Yes It’s Fucking Political
21. Selling Jesus
22. Little Baby Swastikkka
23. Tear The Place Up
24. Squander
25. You Saved Me
26. You’ll Follow Me Down (Bonus Track)

Label: Boogooyamma

Genre: Rock

Release Date EU: January 25th, 2019



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