Classics: STORMWITCH ‘Stronger Than Heaven’ – re-issue

I guess the artwork would qualify for being one of the 10 most embarrassing covers in metal in the ’80s. However, the witches brew that’s produced by the ‘three witches’ seems to have metallic firepower that can be transferred to musicians.

According to the album title the brew makes you ‘Stronger Than Heaven’ and you might wonder how strong heaven really is. This question will not be answered by this review, but what is to address in this post is the great music this longplayer contains.

‘Stronger Then Heaven’ is Stormwitch’s third longplayer, originally released in 1986. The band, being the ‘Masters of Black Romantic’, put eight songs on this record of which most became classics in Stormwitch’s repertoire.

With their third record, the Swabian powerhouse partly changed direction. Have it been the first two longplayers that featured a band in leather it was ‘Stronger Than Heaven’ that included a more melodic sound and a partly new image. Fanatsy- and pirate style become more dominant and found a further continuation and peak on ‘The Beauty and the Beast’, their next album.

When it comes to songs on ‘Stronger Than Heaven’ it’s great German metal from the mid-’80s that became a landmark. Songs like ‘Rats in the Attic’, ‘Jonathan’s Diary’ and the heavy pounding title track itself are Stormwitch classics and the fact that Swedish Hammerfall covered with ‘Ravenlord’ a song from ‘Stronger than Heaven’ shows the relevance of record and tunes.

Now it’s High Roller Records that re-issued the three first Stormwitch album as vinyl and hopefully ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ will face a re-release as vinyl too.


  1. Rats in the Attic
  2. Eternia
  3. Jonathan’s Diary
  4. Slave to Midnight
  5. Stronger than Heaven
  6. Ravenlord
  7. Allies in the Dark
  8. Dorian Gray

Label: Originally GAMA / Re-issue High Roller Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date: Original 1986 / Re-issue 2018

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