Live (Photo-) report HANK VON HELL, VIRGINIA HILL / TYLER LEADS, Melkweg, Amsterdam – 16.12.2018

Hans Erik Dyvik has many names and one of them is Hank Von Hell. The former frontman of legendary Turbonegro recently released a debut under the banner of Hank Von Hell, a hardrock comprising album with good hooks and an Alice Cooper-like sound.

With this album in his back pocket, Hank Von Hell gathered a few musicians and embarked on a tour through Europe. The tour included a show at legendary Melkweg in Amsterdam sharp before Christmas and before the main act entered the stage it was two bands that opened the show.

German Tyler Leads has been the first act on this Sunday night. The quintet didn’t bother about the overseeable crowd that ‘filled’ the room. As if there would be no tomorrow Tyler Leads ignited a rock inferno with powerful hardrock songs and a stage acting that didn’t allow any moment of rest. These guys were amazing and I guess we will hear of them in the future.

After such an energetic start it was up to Virginia Hill to add the next level of excitement. Although the quintet performed a solid show it was Tyler Leads that set the tone for this night.

Finally, it was time for the main act. The band, all dressed in white, entered the stage and finally the front rows got a bit more crowded. Von Hell came on stage last, also dressed in white and with a big white hat, already known from the album. It was the first time in 10 years that Van Hell returned to Melkweg (last time was May 2007), a moment to celebrate with some good hardrock anthems. Hank Von Hell played a 14 songs comprising set that was mainly built around the tracks of the ‘Egomania’ album. In addition three Turbonegro songs made it on the setlist too, plus ‘Where Eagles Dare’, originally from the legendary Misfits. This rock show was professional, agile and naughty glamorous, exactley what fans expected.

All in all, the crowd could witness a well-done rock’n’roll night that included a very cool main act and that had with Tyler Leads also a clear winner.

Tyler Leads

Virginia Hill

Hank Von Hell

Location: Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Date: December 16th, 2018

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