CD review FLOTSAM AND JETSAM ‘The End of Chaos’

(8/10) In 1986 Internet wasn’t existing and the main source of information when it comes to metal were fanzines and partly radio.Especially the latter dealt with metal as being a side note in music and therefor it was even more appreciated that Swiss radio station DRS3 dedicated 2 hours to metal on a weekly base. It were these guys that had two Flotsam And Jetsam songs on airplay – ‘Hammerhead’ and ‘Iron Tears’. Both songs are from the fabulous debut and blew me away at the time.

After Flotsam And Jetsam’s fantastic start, things cooled down during the ’90s and it was ‘The Cold’, released in 2010 that brought the quintet back with full force. 32 years after having unveiled the debut, Flotsam And Jetsam come around the corner with their 14th longplayer ‘The End of Chaos’ and the highly anticipated album comprises of twelve new songs.

The new album can easily compete with the previous releases and even bridges to the first two albums when it comes to speed and intensity. ‘Unwelcome Surprise’ and ‘Snake Eye’, being two examples, are merciless speed attacks that could have been from‘No Place For Disgrace’ too.

As with many of the earlier records it’s the core trio Michael Gilbert, Eric A.K. and Michael Spencer being the heart and soul of this legendary quintet. The heartbeat though is provided by a new band member. Drum legend Ken Mary joined the band in 2018 and ‘The End of Chaos’ is the first album that features his powerful drumming. It feels like having him in the band gave Flotsam And Jetsam extra and new inspiration with some of the songs being more rooted in power metal rather than thrash or speed. ‘Recover’ and ‘Architects of Hate’ are two of these tunes, adding seamlessly to the great vibe of this release.

To sum up: ‘The End of Chaos’ is a superb next strike of Arizona’s metal powerhouse. Flotsam And Jetsam’s second era successfully continues with this longplayer and showcases a band that is still hungry.



1. Prisoner of Time
2. Control
3. Recover
4. Prepare For Chaos
5. Slowly Insane
6. Architects of Hate
7. Demolition Man
8. Unwelcome Surprise
9. Snake Eye
10. Survive
11. Good or Bad
12. The End

Label: AFM Records

Genre: Power-/Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: January 18th, 2019



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