CD review PLANET OF ZEUS ‘Live in Athens’

(8/10) Greek alternative rocker Planet Of Zeus is hailing from Athens and the new album features a home game show if the quartet. 

The live album captures a show, played in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Planet Of Zeus started in 2000 and released to date for studio albums of which ‘Loyal to the Pack’ is the latest and greatest. The setlist of the Athens show included songs from all four records.

Planet Of Zeus plays a mix of alternative metal with a lot of stoner influences. The guys are very well-known in Greece and step-by-step the quartet also conquers the rest of Europe with their energetic sound. 

The new live album for sure will help the band on the adventure to gain new fans in Europe because:

  • It features great songs
  • The live album comprises of a good sound
  • ‘Live in Europe’ reflect the enthusiasm of the crowd in a good fashion
  • and last but least it’s the engery level the guys unleash, that catches you right away.

I guess there are quite some of you that missed the band so far. This live album is the perfect opportunity to catch-up. These guys should be on your rock radar.



  1. Unicorn Without a Horn
  2. Macho Libre
  3. Doteru
  4. The Great Dandolod
  5. A Girl Named Greed
  6. Loyal to the Pack
  7. Devil Calls My Name
  8. Something’s Wrong
  9. Them Nights
  10. Your Love Makes Me Wanna HurtMyself
  11. Little Deceiver
  12. Stab Me
  13. No Tomorrow
  14. Leftovers
  15. Woke Up Dead (William H. Bonneu)
  16. Vanity Suit
  17. The Beast Withing
  18. Vigilante

Label: ihaveadrum Records

Genre: Alternative Rock / Stoner

Release Date EU: November 30th, 2018

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