CD review CANCER ‘Shadow Gripped’

(9/10) Death metal veterans Cancer announced a while ago a new record that will hit the shelves on November 2nd. It’s the three original band members John Walker, Ian Buchanan and Carl Stokes that reunited and recorded an album with a true oldschool spirit. 

The band had a peak in the 80’s and 90’s, a time when death metal started to grow, reaching a wider audience. Unfortunately, the band split up in the second half of the 90’s and it was in 2013 when the trio returned on the scene with the ambition of promoting the first albums.

One thing came to another and things worked well. So what’s closer than working on a new album. ‘Shadow Gripped’ is this new disc and it’s Cancer’s sixth full-length longplayer. It brings you directly back to the old days with the trio transferring the oldschool spirit into the here and now. Equipping traditional death metal with a modern sound leads to an album that impresses me a lot. Raging songs like ‘Ball Cutter’ are deadly metal strikes and so is the ‘Half Man Half Beast’. The latter starts with sinister kind of intro. Choir and trumpets introduce the listener to a hellish song, provided with a merciless firing rhythm section.

Other great moments are the beginning of the racing title track, incl. an evil guttural shout. Also, the brutal closer ‘Discloser’ belongs to the highlight and in the end, it doesn’t matter which song you choose. Each of them ignites a sonic inferno.

‘Shadow Gripped’ become much strong than expected. This album is devilish and ominous entertainment and belongs to ones you shouldn’t miss in 2018.





  1. Down the Steps
  2. Garotte
  3. Ball Cutter
  4. Organ Snatcher
  5. The Infocidal
  6. Half Man Half Beast
  7. Crimes So Vile
  8. Though Shalt Kill
  9. Shadow Gripped
  10. Disposer


Label: Peaceville

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: November 2nd, 2018

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