CD review VULCAIN ‘Vinyle’

(7/10) It was in 1981 when the Puzio brothers founded a band they named Vulcain. Already one year later the band premiered with ‘Rock’n’Roll Secours’ and became one of the most constant outfits in French metal and hard rock. Also an eleven years time-out couldn’t kill the rock’n’roll spirit. After a split-up in 1998 the guys reunited in 2009 and kick-started the second era with new records they added to their discography.

Vulcain got the nickname of being the ‘French Motörhead’ and also the new album will not change it. Influences of Lemmy and bandmates is present throughout ‘Vinyle’ and the finisher is even entitled ‘Motör’. Next to this comparison, the album has more to offer than merely being a Motörhead copycat. Vulcain breathes the spirit of rock’n’roll, which manifests itself in songs like the grooving ‘Backline Music’ and the uptempo ‘Darling’. The slower and soulful side of Vulcain bursts through with ‘Decibles’, balances by the raunchy rocker ‘Dans le Livres’.

Fans of well-crafted hard rock should check out this album. It will add pleasure to your life and might help to get over the sad fact of Motörhead not existing anymore.





  1. Vinyle
  2. Héros
  3. Backline Music
  4. L’Arnaque
  5. Darling
  6. Décibels
  7. Dans les Livres
  8. L’Oseille
  9. Borderline
  10. Contrôle
  11. Motör


Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: September 28th, 2018


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