EISBRECHER will release ‘Ewiges Eis – 15 Jahre Eisbrecher’

German Eisbrecher started in 2003 and have been on an icy but successful journey through metal. Following a kind of two-year release pattern the band has seven albums in their credit and since a 15 years anniversary is a moment to stand still and celebrate the German metal powerhouse announced a compilation that includes a lot of music.

‘Ewiges Eis – 15 Jahre Eisbrecher’ comes with, believe it is not, 38 songs, spread over two CDs. This is a massive amount of music and it’s a Rio Reisser song that kicks it off. ‘Menschenfresser’ is the starting point for this two and a half hour Eisbrecher journey. While CD 1 focuses on the band’s discography it is the second half that comes with more cover versions and remixes.

If you missed the band so far and if you like the NDH sound you should make use of this compilation to bring yourself up to speed. It’s an ice breaker if you will.



  1. Menschenfresser
  2. Was ist hier los
  3. Das Gesetz
  4. Wo geht der Teufel hin
  5. 1.000 Narben
  6. Rot wie die Liebe
  7. Zwischen uns
  8. Prototyp
  9. Verrückt
  10. Die Hölle muss warten
  11. Eiszeit
  12. Amok
  13. Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein
  14. This is Deutsch
  15. Leider
  16. Vergissmeinnicht
  17. Schwarze Witwe
  18. Willkommen im Nichts
  19. Himmel, Arsch und Zwirn (live)
  20. Miststück 2012
  21. Eisbär
  22. Schwarze Witwe (Neuschnitt)
  23. Adrenalin (Neuschnitt)
  24. Eisbrecher 2013
  25. Metall
  26. Wenn Zeit die Wunden heilt
  27. Zu Leben
  28. Süßwasserfisch
  29. Ozean
  30. Das steht dir gut
  31. Eiskalt erwischt
  32. Kein Wunder
  33. Zeit
  34. This Is Deutsch ([Sitd:] Remix)
  35. Miststück (Clawfinger Remix)
  36. Rot wie die Liebe (Neuroticfisch Remix)
  37. Automat (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
  38. Was ist hier los (Die Krupps Remix)


Label: Sony Music

Genre: NDH

Release Date EU: October 5th, 2018


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