CD review DARKNESS ‘First Class Violence’

(8/10) German thrashers Darkness belong to the second wave of German thrash metal bands. The band debuted in 1987 with the ‘Death Squad’ album, which was rough piece of work. Two more records followed before the Darkness called it an end, with musicians parting ways.

It was in 2004, when some members of the Darkness line-up found together under the header of Eure Erben. It was the spark needed to ignite the Darkenss vibe again and finally, after many years of absence it was ‘The Gasoline Solution’ that brought Darkness back to the scene.

Two years following the revival it is album number five that will hit the shelves. ‘First Class Violence’ will be available mid-October and features ten new thrash songs. As if time would have stood still the quintet picks it up where they left 24 months ago. Darkness didn’t change a lot within the last two years when it comes to their music and actually we can go back even further back in time.

The new album comprises of oldschool Teutonic metal and feels like a sonic slap in your face. The quintet from Essen pushes the pedal to the metal and they do it in a rather good way. The mix between an oldschool vibe and a modern sound is done very well. The same goes for the edges the album includes while still having achieved a balanced and extremely dense sound. Producer Cornelius Rambadt did a really good job I giving Darkness’ music the power needed.

A special song on the album is ‘Zeutan’. Oliver „Zeutan“ Fernickel was Darkness’ frontman in the erly days and it’s almost to date 20 years ago, when he unfortunatelly passed away. The song is dedicated to Zeutan it’s longtime friends like Ventor and Tom Angelripper that insisted on adding some vocals.

If you’re looking for an album that brings back some 80’s memories, there is no way to miss this album. The rawness and energy level is impressive and might lead to some neck problems due to intense headbanging.





  1. Prelude In E (Intro)
  2. Low Velocity Blood Spatter
  3. Neoprimitive
  4. Hate Is My Engine
  5. See You On The Bodyfarm
  6. Zeutan
  7. The Autocrazy (Autocracy) Club
  8. Born Dead
  9. First Class Violence
  10. I Betray


Label: Massacre Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: October 12th, 2018


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