ASHES OF ARES announces a new album

Matt Barlow and Freddie Vidales, both being Ashes Of Ares, announced a next album. ‘Well of Souls’ will be released on November 9th and comes via ROAR.

Matt Barlow comments: “Freddie’s music really inspired me to delve once again into one of my favorite realms of mythology. The lyrics came about as I was listening to the music and thinking about a form of desolation and despair, that would be nearly impossible for a mortal being to contemplate. I was trying to articulate this on a deeply personal level, while keeping the theme within the mythos of vampiric lore. This is the story of a victim who has been tortured throughout many lifetimes. This man, at one point, was the willing recipient of a “gift”, but is now damned to roam the Earth for eternity. Soulless and isolated, as he searches for the one to whom he had once devoted his life. This is a cautionary tale….”



1. Consuming The Mana
2. The Alien
3. Unworthy
4. Soul Searcher
5. Sun Dragon
6. Transcending
7. Let All Despair
8. In The Darkness
9. Spirit Of Man
10. Time Traveler
11. The God Of War
12. You Know My Name (Bonus Track)

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