METAMORPHER releases ‘Becoming’

Fans of progressive metal music might be interested in an EP that unfolds its beauty today. German five piece band Metamorpher releases their first EP ‘Becoming’ on September 21st. The disc comprises of three tracks that sound great, but need some time to sink in.

Metamorpher, that’s Dominik Kwasny, Michael Junker, Carlos Gottberath, Michael Schiefer and Patrick Wassenburg. These five guys made a first strong step with this EP and an appetizer can be watched HERE – the lyric video for ‘Limbic’, which the band revealed a few days ago.



  1. Like a Mantis
  2. Limbic
  3. House in the Fields


Label: Timezone Records

Genre: Prog Rock/Metal

Release Date EU: September 29th, 2018

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