CD review SIEGE OF POWER ‘Warning Blast’

(8/10) You maybe haven’t heard of Siege Of Power yet, but you might be familiar with the moniker First Class Elite. First Class Elite was a kind of predecessor to Siege Of Power. The band of Dutch metal veterans didn’t go strong and after having released a split album things were over almost before they started.

The beast awoke again in 2017. Paul Baayens, Theo van Eekelen and Bob Bagchus picked up things again, but they were in need of a new frontman. Lucky enough the guys could fill the gap rather quickly with another pioneer in death metal. Autopsy mainman Chris Reifert completed the line-up and with having such a strong quartet in place, work on a full-length album gained speed rather quickly.

‚Warning Blast‘ is the title of Siege Of Power’s debut and it’s a mighty wrecking ball that hits you on September 7th. The quartet put together a 18 songs contains record that is a blast from start to end.

This debut contains savage death metal that also comes with crosslinks to bands like Carnivore. The energy level of the entire album is impressive. There’s no place for frills, but there is a lot of thrills that come with ‚Warning Blast‘. Especially the hardcore influences add a lot of raw power, reminding of bands like S.O.D. and others.

The two minutes opener Conquest’ sets the tone of voice for the album. It’s a crushing and slower riff that kicks-off the tune, followed by a shift of gears. The song is with two minutes for sure no epos, but it’s a smasher. Talking about the length of tracks, almost all of the them are between one and two minutes with one exception. ‚The Cold Room‘ is a slowly rolling riff monster that lashes out for more than four minutes. 

To sum up: Siege Of Power’s debut is a strong and impressive album. The four death metal pioneers know how things work and delivered an album that belongs certainly to the evil highlights in 2018.





  1. Conquest for what?       
  2. For the Pain             
  3. Bulldozing Skulls         
  4. Born into Hate            
  5. Torture lab                   
  6. Uglification                   
  7. Trapped and Blinded    
  8. Diatribe                         
  9. Warning blast               
  10. Mushroom Cloud Altar      
  11. Lost and Insane             
  12. Bleeding for the Cause   
  13. Escalation ‘til Extermination      
  14. Privileged Prick                       
  15. Short Fuse                                
  16. Violence in the Air                     
  17. It Will Never Happen               
  18. The Cold Room  


Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: September 7th, 2018

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