CD review JEAN BEAUVOIR ‘Rock Masterpieces Vol. 1’

(*/10) Jean Beauvoir is a colorful character in rock. The multi-instrumentalist started his career after having moved to NYC. He joined The Plasmatics as a bassplayer and released three records with them. This period has been a springboard for Beauvoir, who later one had several releases with Crown Of Thorns and also quite some solo releases belong to his impressive discography. One of my favorite longplayers of Beauvoir is the ‘Vol.1 – The Awakening’ album, which he did under the moniker of Voodoo X in the late 80’s.

With so many songs and records in the backpack a retrospective series of two releases is planned by AOR Heaven, with volume 1 being available end of June. The release comprises of 14 songs that are all remastered.

‘Rock Masterpieces Vol. 1’ provides a good first overview of Beauvoir’s musical achievements. The disc is a well-done compilation, representing the best Crown Of Thorns hits as well as some catchy songs of Voodoo X, not to forget his first solo success which was the ‘Drums Along the Mohawk’ album.





  1. Faith
  2. Crown Of Thorns
  3. Dyning For Love
  4. Feel the Heat
  5. Lyin’
  6. Heartbeat
  7. The Awakening
  8. Missing the Young Days
  9. Hike it Up
  10. Secret Jesus
  11. Rock Ready
  12. The One
  13. Voodoo Queen
  14. Standing on the Corner For Ya


Label: AOR Heaven

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: June 29th, 2018


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