Review WILDERUN ‘Epigone’

Boston, Massachusetts, that is the home of Wilderun. Wilderun is an ambitious band, which is active since 2008. The first two albums were well received. Both albums were also the springboard for the band to close a record deal with Century Media, which gave the band another push. With 'Veil of Imagination', the band released... Continue Reading →

CD review WILDERUN ‘Veil of Imagination’

If you don't have 'Veil of Imagination' on your prog metal radar yet, you should see a bright shining new dot on your radar display by now. What these five guys from Boston deliver is definitely impressive. Bombastic Pogg Metal with high density, varied and excitingly performed, that is what makes this album stand out. For sure a highlight 2020 and certainly interesting for fans of bands like Opeth and Devon Townsend.

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