Review ENDLEVEL ‘Weekend War’

That Southern Germany has generated some famous metal bands, is not a new fact. If you think of Destruction, Primal Fear,… etc. then it shows that Swabia also has a lot to offer musically. A band that is not completely new, but also not really established yet are Endlevel from Albstadt. Jonas Frey (drums), Ken... Continue Reading →

Review TRAITOR ‘Exiled to the Surface’

Balingen is the home of the Bang Your Head Festival and Traitor also have their headquarters in the heart of Swabia. Andreas, Lorenz and Gerd started Traitor there in 2009, while guitarist Matthias joined the band in 2013. With every album Traitor releases, the four Swabians solidify their position in the German metal scene. It... Continue Reading →

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