Review SANHEDRIN ‘Lights On’

One of the most exciting heavy metal albums this year comes from New York. Sanhedrin is the sender of this electrifying longplayer that is entitled ‘Lights On’. The band doesn’t have a very long track record yet there is a lot to discover. Sanherdin, that’s Erica Stoltz (ex-Hammers Of Misfortune), Nathan Honor (ex-Vermefüg) and Jeremy... Continue Reading →

CD review CRO-MAGS ‘In the Beginning’

Cro-Mags belong without doubt to the pioneers of hardcore. The history of the genre and the history of the band are deeply connected and when an album called 'Age of Quarrel' was unleashed in 1986, the power of an explosive crossover of punk, metal and crossover became evident. The record is a great piece of... Continue Reading →

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