CD review MOTORJESUS ‘Hellbreaker’

Authenticity is something that is precious to Motorjesus and the good thing is, that it comes naturally. The band, that operated in the beginning as The Shitheadz morphed into Motorjesus in the early 2000s. Since then the quintet released longplayers on a regular base with their latest studio album ‘Race to Resurrection’ which hit the... Continue Reading →

CD review MOTORJESUS ‘Live Resurrection’

Motorjesus started in 2006 and is one of the most popular representatives of Heavy Rock hailing from Germany. The guys from Mönchengladbach premiered in 2004 with 'Dirty Pounding Gasoline' and their tank didn't get empty so far. Four additional longplayers followed the debut before the time felt right for a live album. So let's start... Continue Reading →

CD review MOTORJESUS ‘Race to Resurrection’

(8/10) German power outfit Motorjesus starts their engine again on June 15th with their fourth album, entitled ‘Race to Resurrection’. The three-piece from Moenchengladbach, Germany debut in 2006 as Motorjesus, after having been around for several years as The Shitheadz. The latest release this trio dates back to 2016 when ‘Electric Revelation’ hit the shelves... Continue Reading →

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